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Warner Lakes Family Practice | Bulk Billing Doctors Joyner Quality healthcare services don’t have to cause creases on your forehead. With bulk billing at Warner Lakes Family Practice, you and your loved ones in Joyner can now enjoy advanced healthcare services brought to you by experienced doctors and only the latest in technology.

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How Does Bulk Billing Work?

Bulk billing is an Australian funded initiative, which makes healthcare services more accessible to the Aussies.

Under this program, Medicare will take over the responsibility of paying your fees for a healthcare service you received. You will not be charged for anything – no additional fees or hidden charges that you have to take care of. Bulk billing allows no room for co-payment.

Your service provider will be paid once you sign over your Medicare benefit.

Bulk Billed Services At Warner Lakes Family Practice

Warner Lakes Family Practice and the Australian government are one in the aim of providing accessible healthcare services without compromising quality. We believe in the importance of health for everyone alike. Warner Lakes Family Practice is where good care begins.

Take a look at our services:

  • Pelvic floor chair
  • Family general medicine
  • Men’s health
  • Minor surgery and trauma
  • Diabetic care
  • Asthma care
  • Skin checks
  • Sexual health
  • Travel health
  • Weight management
  • Attached psychologists
  • Attached podiatrist
  • Attached dietitian
  • Work and insurance medicals, and work cover
  • Child health and immunisations
  • Health assessments and care plans
  • Women’s clinics and antenatal care

Medical Clinic In Joyner

Warner Lakes Family Practice offers a wide range of healthcare services for you and your loved ones in Joyner.

If you need a reliable doctor but are worried about the costs, Warner Lakes Family Practice can help you. Accessible healthcare services without compromising quality is our goal.

Using Bulk Billing For Your Healthcare Needs

This program only has one eligibility rule – you have to an active Medicare member. During your appointment, you have to bring your Medicare card to be swiped before you sign the form for your service provider to be paid.

If you are not yet enrolled in Medicare, you can enrol online by visiting this website.

If your Medicare card is missing or damaged, you can easily get another one. Visit this website to learn how to replace your Medicare card.

To finalise the process, you’ll have to submit “OK’ on the EFTPOS terminal. After your appointment, you’ll receive a copy of the assignment form.

Warner Lakes Family Practice will be with you all throughout the way. We’ll help you make the process quick and hassle-free.

Bulk Billing Doctors Servicing Joyner, Warner and all Northside Brisbane (Medical Clinic, GP)

Having excellent health for yourself and your loved ones is easy and hassle-free at Warner Lakes Family Practice. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy our top-notch healthcare services made more accessible to the Joyner community with bulk billing.

Experience advanced healthcare services brought closer to your home by our experienced doctors and latest technology at Warner Lakes Family Practice servicing Joyner, Warner and all Northside Brisbane.

Setting An Appointment

Setting an appointment with your bulk billing doctors at Warner Lakes Family Practice is made easier.

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Also, you can drop by our office, or call us on (07) 3448 0163.

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