Pelvic Floor Chair

Introducing the Pelvic Floor Chair – a breakthrough in technology that treats malfunctions of the pelvic floor in a non-invasive and no drugs prescription procedure.

Available in Australia since 1999, the pelvic floor chair is now widely used in 50 countries around the globe. The treatment comprises of 16-20 sessions, depending on the patient’s physiology. Each session involves sitting in the therapeutic chair for 20 minutes, twice a week.

Your pelvic floor controls your urinary, bowel and sexual functions. The chair creates a pulsed magnetic field, reaching to the bones and soft tissues in the pelvic floor controlling your urinary function to correct its malfunction.

The Continence Foundation of Australia warns that your bladder leakage won’t get better in time, it gets worse. Don’t be one of the 4 million Australians suffering from Incontinence. Warner Lakes Family Practice can help you solve your pelvic floor problems so you can be up and ready to go anytime.

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