Ear Hygiene

We specialize in ear wax suction using state of the art microscope

Pelvic Floor Chair

Treatment for malfunctions of the pelvic floor in a non-invasive and no drugs prescription procedure

Iron Infusions

Deliver iron via an intravenous line into a person's body to address iron deficiencies

Vitamin Infusion

Vit C, B-complex, Magnesium and Folic acid given intravenously to boost immunity and rapid correction of nutritional deficiency

Shockwave Therapy

A new non invasive way to treat a myraid of myoskeletal conditions


Spinal, Sports and Rehabilitative Physiotherapy to provide relief from a variety of ailments

IV Antibiotics And Fluids For Infections Dehydration

Intravenous fluids used to treat infections and severe cases of dehydration

Regular Services

Men’s Health

Travel Health

Women’s Clinics And Antenatal Care

Family General Medicine

Weight Management

Child Health and Immunisations

Minor Surgery And Trauma

Sexual Health

Diabetic Care

Attached Psychologists

Asthma Care

Attached Dietitian

Skin Checks

Attached Podiatrist

Health Assessments and Care Plans

Work & Insurance Medicals, & Work Cover

Medicals for Commercial vehicles, (Taxis, Uber...)