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Skin Cancer Clinic Warner

Warner Skin Cancer Clinic

Trusted skin cancer clinic in Warner. At Warner Lakes Family Practice, we believe in providing comprehensive healthcare services, with a dedicated focus on skin cancer checks. When you are looking for a professional skin cancer clinic, we are here to help. Our skin cancer doctor – Dr. Farzin Zaer has a special interest in diagnosing and treating skin cancer and skin-related conditions, using non-surgical and advanced surgical methods. Schedule your skin cancer check today.

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Looking for Skin Cancer Clinic Near Me? Visit At Warner Lakes Medical Precinct, Unit 1/ 1185B Old North Road, Warner, QLD 4500

What is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the skin. The three main types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and melanoma. BCC and SCC are also called non-melanoma skin cancer or keratinocyte cancer. They are far more common than melanoma. For more information on skin cancer, please visit our skin cancer clinic Warner and seek advice from our experienced skin cancer doctor.

What are the Types of Skin Cancer

If you possess risk factors for melanoma or skin cancer, or if you notice a concerning spot, it is advisable to consult with your general practitioner. They can either conduct an assessment or direct you to a specialized dermatologist for further evaluation.

What Are The Process For The Skin Cancer Check?

At Warner Skin Cancer Clinic, the skin cancer check process is thorough and patient-focused. Here’s what to expect:

At Warner Lakes Family Practice, we are committed to early detection and prevention of skin cancer. If you’re searching for a ‘skin cancer clinic near me’, we are your reliable and trusted choice. Schedule an appointment with us today for a comprehensive skin test.

Why Choose Our Skin Cancer Clinic for Skin Cancer Treatments?

Location Convenience

Searching for skin cancer check Near Me? We are located at Warner Lakes Medical Precinct, Unit 1/ 1185B, Old North Road, Warner, QLD.

Highly experienced in skin cancer treatment

We use advanced diagnostic tools for accurate and efficient skin cancer checks.

Expert Skin Cancer Doctor Warner

Our highly skilled general practitioners have extensive experience in the detection and management of skin cancer.

Personalised Patient Care

At Warner lakes family practice, we understand that every patient is unique. Therefore, we provide personalised care tailored to meet individual health needs.

Book an Appointment with Skin Cancer Clinic Warner

Visit our skin cancer clinic for a skin cancer treatment. Our skin cancer doctor are experts in the detection and removal of skin cancers. Visit at Warner Lakes Medical Precinct, Unit 1/ 1185B Old North Road, Warner, QLD 4500 for skin cancer check.

Skin Cancer Doctor Warner

Dr Farzin Zaer

General Practitioner, skin cancer doctor

Dr Farzin Zaer is the experienced general practitioner (GP) to join the team at Warner Lakes family practice.

He brings with him 25 years of rich and extensive Australian GP experience.

He has special interest in diagnosing and treating skin cancer and skin related conditions, using non-surgical and advanced surgical methods.

He is well-versed with the procedures like Flaps (used for large skin cancers), Grafts.

He is currently pursuing a fellowship in Skin cancer surgery. He keeps his knowledge updated with the latest advances in skin cancer and all aspects of medical practice.

His other areas of interest are:
Emergency Medicine
Chronic Illness
Mental health
Aged care

Dr Zaer is known for his amiable nature with a good sense of humour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skin cancer occurs when there’s an uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells, typically resulting from damage caused by sun exposure. It has various forms, with basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas being the most prevalent. Melanoma, although less common, is more aggressive.
Regular skin examinations, ideally once a year, are vital for the early detection of skin cancer, especially for individuals at an increased risk due to factors like fair complexion or a family history of skin cancer. These examinations can help spot any abnormal spots or moles that could be indicative of skin cancer.
  • a spot that looks and feels different from other spots on your skin
  • a spot that has changed size, shape, colour or texture
  • a sore that doesn’t heal within a few weeks
  • a sore that is itchy or bleeds.

The main cause of skin cancer is extended exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, either from sunlight or tanning beds. Other risk factors include having a fair skin tone, a history of sunburns, an excessive number of moles, a family history of skin cancer, or a compromised immune system.

Once you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer, your healthcare provider will discuss suitable treatment options based on the type and stage of your cancer. These may encompass surgical interventions, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, or targeted drug therapy. You’ll need to have regular follow-ups to keep track of your progress.
While the majority of skin cancers are triggered by environmental factors such as sun exposure, there’s also a genetic aspect involved. Individuals with a family history of skin cancer have an elevated risk, hinting at a possible genetic predisposition.
Our skin cancer clinic offers a variety of treatments customised according to the type and stage of your skin cancer. These may include surgical excision of cancerous lesions, Mohs surgery for certain types of skin cancer, radiation therapy, or medical therapies like immunotherapy or targeted therapy. We strive to provide comprehensive care, from diagnosis through to post-treatment follow-up.

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