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Travel Health Warner

Embarking on an overseas journey can open doors to exciting adventures. However, it’s vital to bear in mind that travelling may introduce you to potential health hazards. Your well-being lies within your control, and by taking proactive measures, you can mitigate the risk of ailments that might disrupt your journey or potentially lead to severe complications.

At Warner Lakes Family Practice, we specialise in travel health services. Whether you’re a resident, work within Brisbane, or visit frequently, our dedicated team of GPs are here to guide you through the necessary health preparations for your travels.

We understand the importance of travel health and have streamlined our service to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our doctors will provide you with insights on how to evade infectious diseases you may encounter while abroad. This may include:

Some countries still grapple with high infection rates from diseases that are uncommon in Australia, thanks to our routine childhood vaccination. If you were born overseas and plan on visiting friends and family there, it’s advisable to consult with our doctors regarding any necessary immunisations. Your immunity to certain diseases may have altered or lessened over time.
Our travel vaccination clinic in Warner also advises considering immunisations that are now standard in Australia if you’re travelling to areas where these diseases are prevalent.
Reach out to us at Warner Lakes Family Practice well in advance before your departure. Your health is your wealth, especially when you’re away from home.

Travel Health Warner

Here is a list of some key vaccinations:

It’s noteworthy that Influenza is the most common disease preventable by vaccination that travellers often catch.

While you’re travelling overseas, the probability of encountering these diseases may increase. Moreover, travellers can inadvertently import these diseases back into Australia, potentially causing disease outbreaks. Hence, ensuring complete immunisation before travelling is a crucial step towards safeguarding your health and the health of those around you.

Education and Advice

Our team specialises in travel medicine, equipped with up-to-date, country-specific information about potential travel threats and diseases. We provide advice tailored to your itinerary, regions you’ll visit, and your individual health status.


Our travel health experts prescribe medications for various travel-related illnesses such as malaria, schistosomiasis, travellers’ diarrhoea, jetlag, allergies, and more. We also prescribe preventive measures for conditions like Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and malaria, depending on your health status and itinerary.

Post Travel Support

For any post-travel health complications, our travel health Warner clinic offers consultations and medical support. With vast experience in managing post-travel illness, we conduct pathology tests to identify the illness type, and if needed, refer you to a suitable specialist for further treatment and monitoring.

Corporate Travel and Deployment Medicals

We provide an extensive medical program for corporate travellers, assessing the health of workers before deployment and upon return to Australia. This includes altitude, fitness for deployment, overseas visa medicals, and post-travel medicals. We also offer OGUK, Commercial and Recreational Dive Medicals, and AMSA Medicals.

In short, Warner Lakes Family Practice is your one-stop-shop for all travel health-related needs. Be it preventive measures or post-travel care, we’ve got you covered.

Which Vaccinations Are Recommended for the Countries You Are Visiting?

In some cases, proof of specific vaccinations might be required for entry or exit from certain countries. Additionally, some airlines and cruise lines may require evidence of particular vaccinations before you board.

The Department of Health recommends travellers to consider immunising against the following diseases, depending on their destination:

It’s important to consult with our experts at our travel vaccination clinic in Warner and ensuring you have the right vaccinations is an important step in your travel preparations. Reach out to us at Warner Lakes Family Practice on 07 3448 0163 for personalised advice and comprehensive travel health services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of vaccinations, including but not limited to Hepatitis A and B, Cholera, Chickenpox (Varicella), COVID-19, Typhoid, [I1] Japanese Encephalitis, Meningococcal Disease, Measles, Influenza (Flu), Tetanus, and Rabies.
The vaccinations you need depend on several factors such as your destination, the time of year, your age, and your health status. Our experts at the Travel Vaccination Clinic Warner can provide personalised advice based on these factors.
Ideally, you should plan to get vaccinated 4-6 weeks before your trip. Some vaccines require multiple doses and time to take effect.
Some countries require proof of certain vaccinations for entry. Additionally, some airlines and cruise lines may ask for evidence of specific vaccinations. It’s best to check the requirements of your destination and conveyance ahead of time.
Yes, we offer post-travel support for any health complications that might occur after your journey. This includes consultations, pathology tests, and specialist referrals if needed.

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Our Practices have been primarily Bulk-Billing since their inception.  However due to increased costs associated with delivering services, this transition is necessary to continue providing you and your family quality healthcare.

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